Law Enforcement Team 72
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A Favor

Posted on 02 Jan 2019 @ 9:15pm by Lieutenant Heather Kowal & Petty Officer First Class Rick Prynn

Mission: Justice
Location: USS Valiant, Wardroom
Timeline: 4 MAY 2389, 10:00

Heather sat down at the table in the wardroom having just invited HS1 Prynn to join her there. It was odd for an officer to summon an NCO to the officer's mess but she currently had no office, no quarters, and no place really else to do this. She'd gotten the permission of the XO just as a formality to use it for a quick meeting as it would put out the other officers aboard the ship. She needed to meet with Prynn and discuss his new position within their new unit.

Rick gave his uniform "the once over" for the third time. It wasn't every day an enlisted guy like him was summoned to officers country. In a weird way, he felt honored. Not one to barge in, Rick rang the chime


Rick did just that and sighed in relief. "Good morning, Lieutenant." He smiled.

"Thanks for joining me," Heather said, standing and offering the HS1 her hand in greeting. "Can I get you something?"

"Coffee, if that's ok," he replied.

"Sure," she said, going to the replicator and hitting the larger than necessary button labeled coffee button. The Chief Engineer was a very senior Chief Warrant Officer who'd never gone without a cup of coffee in his hand that she'd ever seen. She knew that this little addition to the replicator in the Ward Room was a touch he'd made. When the mug appeared she grabbed it and moved to the table motioning him to sit across from her and placed the mug down before sitting in her own chair.

"Wanted to ask you a favor," she said.

"Ask away," Rick said, taking a sip.

"Medical on the team reports as part of the Support Section which currently is missing a Lead Petty Officer. As you are the senior corpsman I was hoping that you'd be willing to take on the role of Support Section Leader also. You'd report to the Executive Officer and be part of the senior staff and help arrange as well as medical public affairs, logistics, and that sort of thing.

"So in addition to my medical thing, sort of a "jack of all trades", if I understand correctly," Rick said.

"Administrative jack of all trades, yes," she explained. "The Yeoman would be under you as well."

Rick nodded. "Sure. Whatever you need, Lieutenant."

"Alright, well then consider it done," she said. "I will see you when we arrive at the station?"

"Wouldn't miss it, ell tee" Prynn grinned.


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