Law Enforcement Team 72
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CT2 Granger: Reporting for Duty

Posted on 08 Jan 2019 @ 3:45pm by Lieutenant Heather Kowal & Petty Officer Second Class Addison Granger

Mission: Justice
Location: Headquarters, LT Kowal's Office
Timeline: 5 MAY 2389, 11:00

CT2 Addison Granger stopped in front of Kowal's office door, her transfer orders in her hand. She knew that the Lieutenant had a copy, however, it felt necessary to bring a copy of it with her. Her dark hair was cropped short and the small points on her ears were visible beneath the edges of her hair. The door was open as Addison approached and she knocked on the door frame to announce her presence.

Heather was sitting at her desk she was looking at a PADD that lay flat in a small bare space in the clutter that filled her desk from moving in still. LT Kowal had been there but a day and was settling in fast but had a lot of work to do yet.

"Enter," she said, looking up at the woman. "Can I help you, Petty Officer?" Heather asked as she'd not met most of the personnel yet she had no idea if this was someone new or someone already assigned to the unit. Despite her XO's objections she'd decided to give herself a couple days to settle and get a handle on things before having her big welcome with the unit.

Addison stepped into the office and handed over the Padd she had in her hand to Kowal "CT 2 Granger reporting for duty." She said, "I am your new cryptology officer." Addison added, "I transferred from the Starbase where I have spent approximately one year working with their investigative unit." Addison said, "I'm originally from Vulcan, my mother is a physician and my father is an attorney." She added, "What questions do you have for me?" Addison asked having given most of her history in just a few seconds. One thing that could be said about Addison, was she was to the point and didn't muck around in fluff.

Heather just stared at Addison for a moment surprised and a bit overwhelmed by all the information that she had just been given. She motioned to one of the chairs in front of her desk, "why don't you sit down?" she suggested. "It's nice to meet you and learn all of those things. I'm not really sure what questions I have left to ask," she said, with a slight smirk. Heather reached out and took the PADD from the CT2 and placed it down on the desk in front of her, she'd get to that eventually.

Addison sat down and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, revealing the pointed tips of her ears that gave her away as part Vulcan. She waited for Heather to digest the deluge of information she had just dumped on her "My apologies, Lieutenant. That is one of my flaws, I information dump when people are unsuspecting." She said, "It is one of the things I must continue to work on." She said as a way of apology.

"No problem. Have you participated in any law enforcement missions or boarding operations?" she asked. It was something common that could happen as a non-rate or even in any rate depending on the size of the unit or its purpose. "Or have the qualifications?" She knew there would likely be people outside of the operations section who would need training.

Addison listened carefully to the question asked "I have participated in law enforcement missions and several boarding operations. My specific skills are often required to decipher computer codes and other cryptological data." She said, "Both of these activities provide a level of excitement, tempered by the reality that things can not go as planned quickly and that one needs to be alert to their surroundings at all times." She added, "However most of my assignments have been based on the starbase or shipside so that I have ready access to the ship's computer system and my personal resources that I have worked on developing over the years."

"So are you qualified?" she asked, happy she had experience but the question not answered.

"Yes I am qualified." Addison answered, "I have also participated in several law enforcement mission and am also qualified in that respect as well." She added answering the other part of the Lieutenant's question. While qualified for both activities, Addison preferred the nuances of cryptology.

"Fantastic," she said. "Have you arranged all your quarters and all that?" she asked.

"Not as of yet." Addison replied "I checked in with you first. That is my next order of business followed by getting my workstation set up." She added. "And notifying my family of my safe arrival."

"Well make sure that you go and see Ms. Haverton, she is who you should be reporting in to," Heather told her.

Addison nodded "That is my next stop." She said "I am looking forward to working with this unit." She added.

“Glad to hear, welcome aboard,” the Lieutenant said.

"Thank you ma'am. Have a good day." Addison said as she turned to leave and report to Ms. Haverton.


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