Law Enforcement Team 72
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LET72 Conducts Medevac from Civilian Cargo Ship

Posted on 03 Apr 2019 @ 10:27pm by Petty Officer Second Class Tojon Ral
Edited on on 03 Apr 2019 @ 10:43pm

Mission: Justice
Location: Alpha Quadrant

Members of Law Enforcement Team 72 aboard a specialized medical runabout, Rescue 72, responded to the calls for help by a civilian cargo vessel. The vessel, Carrington, was traveling toward the nearest hospital facility when it experienced an Engineering Casualty causing the ship to become adrift. While their engineering teams worked around the clock to solve the issue and began to make steady progress they were still not prepared to get back underway. Meanwhile, a member of the crew who was battling an unknown illness became increasingly worse. LET72 responded immediately when the distress signal was sent out.

Upon the arrival of the crew, the patient was unresponsive and in near-death critical condition, according to team leader, Petty Officer Ava Capatosta. The team worked together to take care of the ill crew member at the lead of Petty Officer Rick Prynn a Corpsman assigned to the Law Enforcement Team. They evacuated the ill man, who is unnamed, to the hospital at Starbase 310. Per medical staff at the facility, the patient remains in critical condition and prognosis is unknown at this time. The cause and nature of the illness are still being investigated.


Release authorized by Lieutenant Heater Kowal, Commanding Officer LET72.
Written and sent by Petty Officer Second Class Tojon Ral, Public Affairs Specialist LET72.


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