Law Enforcement Team 72
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A Quiet Conversation

Posted on 18 Mar 2019 @ 7:14pm by Lieutenant Heather Kowal & Senior Chief Petty Officer Jennifer Anderson

Mission: Justice
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: 4 MAY 2389, 19:40

Jennifer sat down with her food - a simple rice and meat dish. After the meeting had broken up, she had spent some time looking deeper into previous records and was considering her options about how to report it.

While some of it was fairly minor 'different COs prefer different methods',she wasn't sure it was going to be a real problem. Still, she had started that ball rolling by informing three people in her section that she will cheerfully send them to a Captain's Mast if they ignore operating procedures going forward, as well as revised orders about what is going on. She said that if they had issues, she would be available to help out or work with them if they can prove why their amended procedure was better and met all requirements - which a lot of them had immediately produced memos, which had confused her - why weren't they available already? Apparently, there had been some filing error. Still.. it was only the first step - you motivated by multiple manners, and she was going to have to report this to the CO and XO.

.. And the XO was obsessed with paperwork, in her estimation. A useful trait, but it required some finesse therefore in approaching him. Lost in thoughts, Jennifer was eating without really paying attention to things until someone sat down.

"Mind if I join you, Chief?" Heather asked, sitting down with a large salad and a glass of water. Heather had also been thinking about her meeting with the Chief and the Executive Officer. She was concerned that the XO was blowing things out of proportion though she knew that if there were things going on that were a problem that she needed to end it. Her team, as far as she knew, had a great reputation and was spoke highly of by the Task Force Command Staff when she accepted her command. What was the truth?

Jennifer blinked, startled, her eyes momentarily widened. "Of course, ma'am. Sorry, thinking over some of the issues raised by the XO." She gets back to eating her food, though. "Hopefully your first day has been good."

"Well it would have gone a lot nicer if it weren't for the XO," she said, plainly. "What do you make of his accusations?"

"There are three cases that I had to put the fear of God in them, by informing them that I will invoke a Captain's Mast if they bypass procedure," Jennifer admitted, brushing her brown hair back in a gesture of annoyance. "A lot of the other people have alternate procedures that I think we should adapt generally, and I asked them to write them up so I can present them to you.. and the XO. It'll mean different paperwork, and some of it not being filed normally, so I was thinking about how to finesse it. To be honest, there's not a very wide problem with discipline, just different ways to file paperwork, and some missed memos that would have gotten this done earlier. There's no widespread issue now, and I'm left wondering if the transfer blockage was just trying to keep qualified personnel." Jennifer pauses.

"So the XO is going to be as big of a problem as I think he is," she said, with a sigh. "I couldn't imagine how if there was a discipline issue it could have gone on for so long without being discovered. People complain about our operations when nothing is wrong... I already have two from last night stacked on my desk from pissed off cargo captains."

"Yeah, I saw those. My notes are in the bottom of the report." Jennifer rolls her eyes. "They hit every level they could, and the most I'd recommend is maybe some training in minimizing offense, but honestly they're just upset they got caught unprepared. To return back to the point, though, yes, I've noticed an uptick in the paperwork I've had to read through before passing up as well. Still, not for me to question why."

"Well I am not going to worry about additional training for our personnel because they're doing their jobs and it inconveniences people," Heather said. "As for the other matter I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on it and make course corrections."

"I agree, ma'am" Jennifer mused. "As I said, I'll try to make sure their changes are in memos and recommendations to help minimize issues as well. Hopefully it'll settle down as we get used to the new team."

"Keep me in the loop, remember you're the Command Chief you report to me not the XO, you're not going around him by getting my approval for new policy."

"Aye, ma'am." Jennifer nodded.


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