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MedEvac, Part II

Posted on 25 Mar 2019 @ 10:40am by Petty Officer Third Class Ava Capatosta & Petty Officer Second Class Emily Bradford & Petty Officer First Class Rick Prynn

Mission: Justice

"We are approximately twenty minutes out from the Carrington," Ava announced to her crew. "MA2 can you grab the HS1 from the patient area and bring him forward? We can try and get an update from them to see what equipment he'll need."

Willie sat there and smiled as the 'boss' gave out marching orders. "Right way, boss" He said as he slipped away before Ava coud retort.

"Thanks," Ava said, turning her head to the girl next to her. "Go ahead and drop to full impulse when we are within range," she ordered.

"Aye, ma'am," Emily said as she continued piloting them towards the Carrington.

"That just sounds wrong," Ava giggled.

As Willie made his way to the Patient area of the shuttle he ran into Prynn. "Hey, bud the boss wants you on up front to give her an update on things," Willie said motioning to the front of the shuttle where he had come from.

"Sure," he said, securing a case of medical equipment he'd just been checking over. "How are you on first aid training?" he asked, as he began to move forward.

"I have my BLS standards all up to regulations. So whatever you need from me for help just let me know." Willie offered back to Prynn as the two made their way back into the front of the shuttle area.

"Good because I'm going to need a hand in the back with me," Prynn said, as they entered the cockpit.

"One Corpsman delivered as ordered, MAAM." Willie made sure to accentuate the last part.

"Stop calling me ma'am," Ava said, turning her chair to face the two, rolling her eyes at him. "HS1 we're going to go ahead and contact the cargo ship and get an update on the patient."

Ava turned after seeing Prynn nod and sent the comms request over to the civilian cargo vessel. The cargo vessel responded after about a minute but it seemed longer to her. "This is Rescue 72 we are approximately ten minutes away from your position. What is the current status of the patient and what is the best location for docking?" she asked.

"Portside airlock is set up to receive your craft for docking," the Bolian male answered. "If you can dock your stern to the port that would be the easiest," he continued. "As for your patient, the last update that I received was that he was unconscious and his breathing has become more labored. Time is of the essence."

"We are making the best possible safe speed," Ava assured him. "HS1 any questions?" she asked.

"Any other members of the crew ill?" he asked.

"One other has fallen under the weather but I can't imagine it is the same disease. We have no known cause to the disease," the Bolian replied.

"Please send us a complete crew and cargo manifest as soon as possible. I want to review everything before coming aboard, also lower any shields for scanning," the Corpsman said, suspecting there might be some sort of contaminant.

"We will comply," the Bolian said, then the comm cut out.

"Willie you better call headquarters and run the ship's info... I have a bad feeling."

Willie quickly opened a coms channel with the base. "Headquarters this is Rescue 72 just for your information we are on scene preparing to dock. We have word of a second patient unknown if it is related. I am transmitting Crew list, manifest, and ships records for the Carrington Please look into these and advise if we are clear to proceed." He finished the update.

"Copy Rescue 72, stand-by," the watchstander in operations answered.

Ava sighed, overhearing the response, "I'm not getting anything on our computer but we don't have the same database access in the medical runabout apparently. I guess that makes sense," she said, trying to not sound as annoyed as she was at this moment.

"Any of those items stand to you guys?" she asked, turning to face the MA2 and the HS1.

"Mostly bio-neural gel packs, some transporter parts, and some random provisions. It looks like they're heading to a starbase with supplies. Starfleet supply run."

"With what is listed I don't see anything out of the ordinary" Willie replied looking at the list. "I am more worried what they have that was conveniently left off the list."

"I can't imagine they'd be dumb enough if they're working for us..." she said, quietly.

Emily gave a wry smile "Well...I don't know about that." She said as she moved the shuttle closer "Money often speaks louder than words"

As they came into range of the ship, Emily brought the shuttle to 1/4 impulse "We've arrived." She said as she brought them closer to the ship and brought them to an all stop once they were next to the ship which was now at a full stop.

Emily brought the shuttle to the port side and turned the shuttle so that the stern of the shuttle was facing the docking port. She maintained a safe distance until they were sure that it was safe to dock. Her hands moved across the console in front of her and kept the shuttle steady.

"Begin docking procedures," Ava commanded, suddenly her cheerfulness seemed to disappear from her tone.

Emily gave a simple nod and began docking with the Carrington. A dull thud a moment later "Docking complete. Beginning pressurization cycle." She said as the runabout connected with the ship and the airlock pressurized "We're locked and green for opening the hatch." She said turning in her seat to look at the others "Engines will stay ready for immediate departure when we have our patient aboard."

"HS1 you and an assistant will go make contact with the patient... I will go with the other and look into what relationship that this second patient might have with the other," she said.

"I'm taking the MA2 with me," Prynn said.

"Alright, then BM2 is with me," she said, turning to Emily for a nod before she turned back to her console and initiated a system lock out to secure the runabout. "Call us if you need any additional help," Ava said.

"Got it," Prynn responded.

"Sounds good to me," Willie said as he started grabbing bags and gear that they might need. "Whatever you need I got ya."

Emily nodded "Aye ma'am." She said securing the helm station and before standing up and moving toward the hatch, as an afterthought Emily grabbed a first aid kit just in case.

The four them went through the airway with Ava in the lead followed by Emily and then the medical team with their stretcher and equipment. They were greeted on the other side by a nervous looking Bolian freighter captain.

"W-Welcome aboard," he said, straightfaced. "I wish it under better circumstances. Would you like me to direct you to the quarters of our ill crew member?" he asked.

"If there is someone else to direct them I'd like to speak with you," Ava said.

The Bolian looked put off but turned and physically grabbed a crew member who was walking by. They were clearly listening to something via an earphone and not paying attention to the world around them. The crew member let out a small yell and turned to face the Captain, "what is this?" he asked.

"Take the medical team to our ill brother," the Bolian said.

"Right away, Captain," the man said, motioning for Brynn and Jackson to follow.

"Call me if you need anything," Ava said, to Prynn and Jackson.

"You got it... boss," Willie said as he trailed away.

The crew member of the cargo ship was silent the entire walk to the sick crew member's quarters. It was on the same deck that they had docked and when they arrived outside there was a guard posted. There were signs posted on the door about no entry, quarantine, and a biohazard sign. Prynn raised an eyebrow and turned to look at his assistant. Sharing with him the 'what the hell' thought.

Willie wasn't happy with what he said either. "Hey, quiet one." He got the crew member attention. " We didn't get told about any biohazard. What is that all about?" He didn't have time to play games here.

"There is something seriously wrong with that guy... we are keeping him quarantined," the crew member said, thinking this was obvious. "You guys here to take him out of here, right?" he asked, sounding afraid.

Prynn glanced at Jackson a smirk appearing on his face and then turned back to the petrified team member, "I guess it depends on what is wrong. If he's that contagious you think we're taking him on our runabout?"

The man turned white.

"This guy is about as helpful as a wet fart," Willie said and pushed passed. "Stay here I will secure the scene for you to make entry." He said with a smile. It was a time-honored tradition in most medical fields that the police or security force must always make the scene safe for the first responders to do their jobs.

"I'm not concerned for a physical safety concern," the HS1 said. "But feel free to walk in first."

Willie chuckled as he walked in and he had no sooner cleared the entryway he say the man and froze in his tracks.

Inside a man who was unconscious, frothing at the mouth, and barely breathing was found lying in a bed with a dark spot around from all of the sweat.

"Umm... Clear." Willie said very unsure of what he was looking at. "I pray to the gods he is not contagious but it don't look good."

"Damn, this is going to be a bit of work," Prynn said, as he entered the room just behind the MA not exactly waiting for the okay. "Alright get him some triox while I get to scanning," he said. "Lets go with mask and gloves, okay?" he said, setting his two large kits down and popping one open to get some of the protective equipment out.

Willie did as he was told and started to dig into the the medical bag for the triox. Where was it? Oh wait there is was. Willie pulled it out and started to load a hydrospray.

After handing his assistant the gloves and the mask he sighed and began to scan, "when you get the triox in him get on the horn to the Cox'n and tell her we need to get out of here as soon as possible."

Willie took the goves and mask and put on the PPE. He then eyeballed the patient to get a rough idea of size as it would play a role in dosage. Willie made his guess and pushed the Triox in his arm.

[With the Cargo Ship's Captain...]
"Captain, I'm Petty Officer Ava Capatosta the leader of the rescue team. We just wanted to speak with you to see about linking the two illnesses of the crew members. Where would be a good spot to have a small interview?" she asked.

"This way," the Bolian said, reluctantly. He turned and began to lead them down the passageway toward the bridge where there was a small lounge for the crew.

As they walked Ava glanced at Emily and motioned to her tricorder wanting to keep an eye out for anything suspicious or any contaminants.

Emily simply nodded and scanned as they walked.

"Anything?" Ava whispered, just before they were led into what looked like a very disorganized office.

Emily shook her head and whispered back, "Nothing out of the ordinary." She said as she glanced around the office and back at the tricorder one last time.

Ava nodded and stood to the front of the cargo captain who was sitting himself in the only seat that wasn't cluttered with things. "Has anyone else been sick?"

"Just the one crew member but he doesn't seem to be having the same symptoms as the other and we are not releasing him from the ship," The captain responded, flatly.

"I see... and you guys haven't come into contact with anything that was dangerous or unexpected?" she questioned, skeptically.

The Bolian looked offended and opened his mouth but Ava's commbadge exploded with emergency chatter.

"Capatosta this is Jackson Doc says be ready for an exfill this will be a load and go," the urgency evident in his voice.

"Get back to the shuttle now and get ready to leave," Ava said, to Emily. "Take us back to the airlock and then bring me to them," Ava said motioning the Bolian at the hatch they just came through.

The Bolian scoffed and stood.

Emily nodded, turned on her heel and left the office and headed for the airlock and shuttle, following the Bolian Captain so she didn't get lost. Glancing at Ava "We'll be ready to depart in less than 5 minutes. Keep an open comm so we can beam you out if needed." She said quietly. She wasn't fond of Ava going off on her own...


"Let's just get him on the stretcher," Prynn said, angrily as he loaded his hypospray with another cartridge and then jammed it to the patient's neck.

Willie got a better position above the head and neck so he could lift the upper torso and support his head between his arms. "Ok up on my count. One. Two. Three. As he hit three the lifted the moderately heavy patient up and onto the stretcher. Willie started to strap the patient down and let Prynn do his thing.

They got the man over to the stretcher and Prynn shot him with a couple more hyposprays, "more tri-ox," he ordered. The two worked on stabilizing the man so they could at least get him to the medical runabout alive. They had also worked on making sure there was a containment field in place to keep whatever germs the patient had to himself during the move to the medical shuttle.

"Let's get out of here," Prynn ordered.

Once the crew were back at the runabout and the stretcher was locked into place Prynn gave Ava the signal and they were off at maximum warp back to Starbase 310.


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