Law Enforcement Team 72
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Getting a Running Start

Posted on 07 Feb 2019 @ 11:41am by Lieutenant Heather Kowal & Chief Warrant Officer 2 Dorian Antonis & Senior Chief Petty Officer Jennifer Anderson

Mission: Justice
Location: Headquarters, CO's Office
Timeline: 4 MAY 2389, 13:40

Heather walked into her office where both her Command Chief and Executive Officer were both standing in the room waiting for her. "Thank you both for meeting me here," she said, she held a small container and a drink. "Just wanted to speak to the Investigator when I ran into her and I need a snack. I hope you don't mind?" she said, motioning them to the chairs before her desk.

"No worries," Jennifer spoke up. "It's been a long day". Jennifer had been up and about for a bit, getting reports done and just dropping in to say hello to some of her new chiefs and some personnel. No point in lurking too much in their areas - it made them nervous and wasn't her responsibility directly anymore.

"Already a long day, Chief?" she asked, concerned.

"Well, I had to meet some of the new chiefs. We're still shuffling between us and Starbase 310, but I feel the majority of our team is in place. And then there's a lot of PADDs that I need to read off on before I transfer them to you or CWO2 Dorian, ma'am. I think it's mainly just the tail end of the shuffle."

Heather walked to her desk and put her items down before sitting in her seat, "comfortable," she said. "We need to get this shuffle done as quickly as possible and we need to get a readiness report done to see what training we need to conduct. I want everyone first class and above, no matter, the rate qualified as Boarding Team Officers and Away Team Leaders and all personnel as team members," she said.

Jennifer nodded, noting it down. "I'll get it on it. I was planning on making sure we had enough officers for multiple operations, but I'll just start the ball rolling."

Dorian had taken up his seat and listened to the two ladies speak. "He noted a few things on the PADD that he had with him.

"Having all of those personnel qualified should accomplish that goal, shouldn't it?" Heather asked, confused by the Chief's point.

"Yes, I'm just happy that I can finally get the slots in the training programs we need for this now that there's someone of higher rank than a 'lowly' Chief pushing" Jennifer consulted her PADD. "We have a little over half already qualified, once the final members arrive tomorrow. With your permission, I'll try and push for an expedited schedule."

"Please do," Heather said.

"XO what do you have to add for concerns?" she asked.

"Concerns," Dorian repeated, "We need more training on paperwork. You know dotting the I, crossing the Ts."

“Okay well put something together,” she told him.

Heather suspected the XO was a bit overly concerned for the paperwork. She wondered if this was going to be the usual for him. She hoped it wouldn’t be.

"So tell me about yourselves," she said, taking a sip from her drink.

"Ah.." Jennifer paused. "Well, I'm from Terra Nova. I joined Starfleet after a brief stint in their police forces. I'm newish to this team, but I've been in and around Starbase 310 for some time now. Beyond that, I build model aircraft in my spare time" Jennifer has a wry smile. "I've been told to include something personal in talking about myself."

"Not a lot to tell," Dorian started as Jennifer finished, "Enlisted a while back, had a knack for doing paperwork and administrative tasks. Moved along in that role till JAG found me and taught me the ins and outs of being a legalman. From that, I was transferred here to ensure the proper procedures were followed."

"Quality Improvement and Assurance," Heather said, with a nod. "What do you do for fun off duty?"

"There is off time?" Dorian said jokingly. "I guess I enjoy poetry and literature. I enjoy spending my time reading and laying around on my couch reading some more."

"I think I can appreciate that," Heather said. "Some time on the couch would probably do me some good tonight. Though I'm sure I won't find time for that for a month or two."

"I am sure we can get the station's doctor to mandate it for you," Dorian said with a light chuckle.

“I’m sure that I’ll make your life miserable if that happens,” she winked. “Now, full disclosure... are there any problems that need to be fixed now? Anything left over from my predecessor?” She asked.

Heather had no idea about her predecessor but she knew it was unusual for a CO, especially a plank owner, to be relieved after just a year.

"A year of being set in our ways. You will find attitudes and people will push every boundary that you set," Dorian replied.

“Those ways are a problem?” She asked, not sure how to take what he said.

"Let me rephrase, they break boundaries. Power creates ego. Questionable actions, etc."

“I was unaware of any issues,” she said, looking shocked.

Jennifer nods. "I know the CO of the team I was on after a while refused to accept transfers to or from this team. I don't think there are any issues that got formally noticed, but scuttlebutt said that this team had.. some fairly set ways. I was already keeping an eye out, but so far, nothing."

"Wonderful," Heather sighed. "Put together a list of your concerns and I'll look into them and make a plan from there. I don't want to action anything I can't see," she said. "Why don't we get together again the morning after tomorrow and follow up... say 10:00."

With the agreement of both her Chief and XO she stood up, "thanks guys... I need to get a bit settled so we can take this running start."


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