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Date, but not really....

Posted on 08 Feb 2019 @ 5:30pm by Petty Officer Third Class Ava Capatosta & Petty Officer Second Class William Jackson
Edited on on 24 Feb 2019 @ 10:50am

Mission: Life Itself
Location: Outside Ava's quarters
Timeline: 3 MAY 2389, 19:00

Willie made sure he was looking as good as possible. He even made sure he used his favorite scented beard oil when he was combing it out to make it more presentable. Had barely been on the base and already had the ladies inviting him to her place. Much better luck here than on DS6. He came in front of the door and rang the chime.

The door parted to a casually dressed Ava who smiled up at the comparable giant. "You look different out of uniform," she pointed out. She could tell something was different about his beard but she couldn't quite verbalize what she thought and something about 'nice beard' just seemed like it would come off wrong.

"Hungry?" she asked, hopefully.

"Darlin, a man my size needs loads of calories to function at my peak levels," Willie said as he gave a subtle flex. "I am always hungry.”

“I’m always hungry too, what does that mean?” She asked, stepping into the p-way.

Willie thought about that question. It was one of the trick questions women ask men. He just rolled his eyes as they start to walk down the walk. "So where we going?" He asked changing the subject.

“It wasn’t a setup,” she said, as she made their way to a turbo lift. “And we are going to a restaurant on promenade deck three. It’s the only place I’ve eaten at since I’ve arrived outside of my quarters.”

Willie continued to keep the conversation on the topic of food. "What kind of food do they have? Oh, and you look very nice tonight." He added to the question.

"Like an old Earth diner," she explained. "And are you insinuating that I don't look nice other nights?" she grinned, looking up at him.

Oh, she is sly. Willie thought trying not to grin too big. "First night I have seen ya darlin. So far so good." He kept it coy for now.

"That's a fair answer," she said, selecting the deck on the lift with the control panel. "It's kind of nice not being stuck on a small ship all the time. My first unit was this enhanced Arrow they were testing."

"I have spent the last few years on a starbase so being planetside is kind of nice." Willie said as they waited on the lift. "So what do like from this restaurant?"

“I mean this is much closer to a starbase than a planet,” she pointed out. “There’s still only the domes.... as for food... anything really.”

"Yeah but it's still nice. Maybe someday." He shifted focus back to food. "I am on need of a good bacon burger."

"They definitely have those," she told hi.m "Maybe I'll get one too." Ava waved at a waitress who pointed toward a corner of the room and Ava nodded and headed back to a secluded corner. "My usual seat."

"Wow didn't know I was hanging with the VIP." He said as the got settled in.

"Best customer," she corrected. "I'm not made to be important I'm made to keep important people safe," she winked. "That was cheesy," she said, a little embarrassed.

"Yeah it was but since your fun sized I expect some cheesiness." He let his game out of the bag.

"I don't think that size has anything to do with that," she protested. "Clearly you aren't fun sized."

He caught on to what she was doing there. As the night went on there was more small talk as they enjoyed their burgers. "This is a good burger." Willie offered.

"Yeah I really like the food here," Ava said. "Which I suppose seeing as its the only place I've ever eaten on the station that's pretty evident," she laughed. "Did you want to hang out more after dinner?" she asked, holding up her empty glass for the waitress to see she wanted a refill.

"Since your the only one I know here I got nothing else going on." He said trying not to act to excited. Maybe her mind was going the same way as his. "What did you have in mind?"

"Nothing in particular," she shrugged. "I suppose I could broaden my horizons on the station. Maybe a holodeck?"

"That works for me," Willie said as he finished up his drink. "Have any programs or just pick one at random?"

"You can pick or we can just do a random one," she said.

Willie thought about it for a bit. "Kinda like our first meeting lets go random and let the Gods decide our fate."

"I'm not sure that was the gods and you just not paying attention, but, sure..." she teased.

As the two made their way to the holo-suite Willie went up to the Ferengi running the place and put in an order to get a completely random experience for two. The Ferengi semi-naturally thought the two where on a date so he went about programming the simulation. Willie had told them that once inside the simulation he wanted their attire altered to be appropriate to the sim.

The two waited and was making small talk when Willie got the word that it was ready to go. "Here we go he told Ava," As he opened the door and the two stepped in. As the door closed behind them they found themselves transported to what they would later learn was Palos Prime, the capitol city for Palos V. It was a gorgeous sunset and they seemed to be on a small boat going down a river with odd buildings on both sides. It reminded Willie of Venice. He looked down at his clothes and he was in a full three-piece suit all black with a grey undershirt and darker grey tie.

"Interesting..." Ava said as she took in her surroundings and their dress. Ava herself was in a lacey dress that came to just her knees grey in color the same as his tie. "Super romantic."

"Quite," Willie said trying to take it all in but having a hard time not staring at Ava. "I guess he must have thought we were on a date."

Ava shrugged, "how could anyone not want to be on a date with me?"

"I mean I agree 100% I just didn't figure this as a date seeing as we just meet." Willie backtracked and made sure she knew he was ok with this being a date just didn't plan it this way.... 'Why are women so difficult' he thought to himself.

"I also don't like men," Ava said, with a shrug.

"Well.... and... there... is that.?." Willie was still digesting her last statement. After the sting of rejection left his he smiled back at here. "Well at least I don't have to worry about you lusting after me in the middle of an Op." He let out a chuckle.

"Not lusting, but I definitely could still care. I think we're going to be good friends and if you need someone pretty on your arm for show you always have me," she winked.

"I will keep that in mind, and the offer goes both ways." Willie replied.

"I say we continue on with what fate brought us and see what this simulation has in store for us. Besides its not like we can't make it what we want."

"Sounds like a plan." He said as the two went down the canal and took in the gorgeous sites around them.


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