Law Enforcement Team 72
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MedEvac, Part I

Posted on 23 Jan 2019 @ 4:55pm by Lieutenant Heather Kowal & Petty Officer Third Class Ava Capatosta & Petty Officer First Class Rick Prynn & Petty Officer Second Class William Jackson & Petty Officer Second Class Emily Bradford

Mission: Justice
Location: LET72 Shuttle Bay, Starbase 310
Timeline: 5 MAY 2389, 14:00

"Alright everyone," Heather announced, as she stood before a crew preparing for a mission. "I appreciate all of you volunteering for this mission which is an emergency call for help. While we have other units that are operating in the area this required medical personnel and equipment only available here at Headquarters," she explained.

"You'll be taking our medical runabout, callsign Rescue 72, and will be departing at maximum warp to meet with a civilian cargo vessel. This vessel, the SS Carrington, has a crew member experiencing a severe medical emergency. They currently have their engines offline for unscheduled maintenance and are unable to get the crew member to a station quick enough. You will respond and bring their crew member back to Starbase 310 for emergency medical treatment. Any questions?"

"Do we have any info on known injuries and also on crew count for the ship?" Willie just popped off with the first inquiries that came to mind.

Emily spoke up next "How far out are they?" She asked, "Has there been any hostilities in the area we need to be aware of?" She asked.

"At maximum warp, it should take approximately two hours to reach them," Heather said. "There is one patient, it's an unknown illness, and there is no reason to suspect and hostilities. You are going to be well within Federation territory and in regular shipping channels."

"We aren't actually all that close to the border," Ava pointed out.

Willie was a bit put off that Emily piggy-backed her questions on top of his but it is what it is. He was pretty pleased with the briefing. It all seemed pretty easy "You coming with us boss?" Willie asked Heather.

"I'm not," she said. "Maybe another time...crew assignments will have BM2 at the helm and engineer, MA3 Capatosta as Coxswain, MA2 Jackson as crew, and HS1 will obviously be in charge of medical. Any questions?" Heather asked again.

Ava shook her head no, this was not her first time as Coxswain at the LET and was glad the new CO would be continuing to allow her to be.

Willie didn't have anything more to ask he picked up his go bag that he had brought when he got word of an immediate deployment and headed onto the craft to get settled in.

"I've got none" Rick said, shaking his head. Rick mentally went through a great many checklists. "I think I'm good"

Emily also shook her head negatively "Give me about five minutes to do flight checks and we'll get going." Emily said tucking a PaDD into the pocket of her flight suit. Time was of the essence.

"I believe that the medical runabout is kept fully stocked at all times but you may want to look it over before departure, HS1," she said, looking to Prynn. "If you are in need of any equipment or supplies before departure please let me know and I will have the Starbase Medical Department send whatever you're looking for."

"I'll look everything over, Ell tee," Rick said. "But better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it," Rick said

Emily headed toward the shuttle and began her preflight checklist. Within five minutes she was ready to take off, coordinates had been entered and an alternate flight plan was also put in place in case they ran into something and had to divert. Now she waited for the rest of the team to board and they'd head out.

Ava watched as Emily wandered off a bit surprised, "anyhting else Ma'am?" she asked, looking up at her tall CO.

"Nope, keep me apprised of any issues and report to me when you've returned," Heather said. "Go save a life."

"Aye ma'am," Ava said, turning to the rest of her crew. "Alright make all preparations to get underway. HS1 please let me know when you're satisfied we can meet all medical requirements."

Willie got settled in for the ride and made sure all of his kit was good to go. "All ready here." He said to whoever the boss was.

"I'm going to assist the BM2 with her preflight," Ava said, and then moved to board the shuttle.


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