Law Enforcement Team 72
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Have you seen my stapler?

Posted on 09 Jan 2019 @ 11:03am by Petty Officer Third Class Ava Capatosta & Petty Officer Second Class William Jackson

Mission: Justice
Location: Headquarters, Main Office
Timeline: 3 MAY 2389, 13:30

After spending some time with Chief Anderson, Willie made his way out of the office and was headed for his cubicle which was directly outside the office. He never saw her darting out of her workspace and as he plowed into her he tried his best to spin off which caused him to slam into the partitioning wall that made up the cubicles. Since the eight cubicles right there where linked they all kinda shifted and shuddered. Willie's face grew red as he looked down at the very attractive blond he had just bulldozed into.

The little blonde lay on the ground a little dazed she rubbed her face with her hands and looked up at the man, "you win," she groaned.

Willie let out a chuckle as he bent down and offered his hand to help her up. "I am so sorry I think I was so excited to see my new workspace I must not have seen you." He said as a crowd of MAs came around the corner to see what was going on.

"Completely understandable," she said, as she took his hand and pulled herself up off the ground. "I was just trying to escape mine," she said, brushing herself off not that there was actually anything to brush off it was just a natural thing.

"Then that would make us work neighbors," Willie said with a grin through his beard. "William Jackson but most call me Willie." He introduced himself.

"Ava Capatosta," she told him. "Most people call me Ava or Cap. It's nice to meet you too... though I'd prefer in the future if you didn't run me over," she teased, adjusting her ponytail.

"I will try, promise." Willie felt bad for a second and then his humorous side took over. "Maybe we can get you a bell so I know our coming." He hoped the joke would go over well. This would be a pivotal tell how well he would get along with Ava.

"You clearly didn't see the sign that warned of midgets crossing the p-way."

Oh she is going to be fun. Willie thought to himself. "No I missed that must have been posted below cloud level." He snapped back. "I wouldn't call it midget more like fun-sized." We are going to have to talk to Chief and make you my partner so you can climb around tight spots and I can do adult sized things."

"You can talk to Chief but there's a line to get assigned with me," she responded. "I'm going to go get that drink I was after you can follow if you'd like so these people would get back to work."

"I bet there is." Willie said out loud as he followed behind her looking at the staff that was giving him and his full beard weird looks. "What ya drinking, coconut water?" He asked as he caught up to her.

"Why coconut water?" she asked, glancing up at him.

"I just take you for a coconut water type of gal." He said with a grin. 'I might have struck a nerve' Willie thinks with a small grin as he follows her where ever she wants to lead.

They began their way toward the crew lounge just around the side of the cubicles, "you should probably straighten those all out. If the Chief has to get Engineering to do it I'm sure they'll know which giant it was who did it," she said, noticing how things weren't quite lined up as they rounded the row of workstations. "And I don't think I've ever tried coconut water, I'm more of a tea girl when it can't be a bit," she cleared her throat. "Stronger."

'Oh listen to her put on her big girl pants.' Willie thought she was quite the firecracker. "What do you know about stronger drinks?" He was genuinely curious what she thought was strong.

"Plenty," she told him. "I've also done hardcore drugs... accidentally, but I've done them."

Willie's jaw dropped..... He had no clue what to say as they made there way to the replicators. "Ok, Spitfire I am having whatever you are."

“Two iced teas,” she told the replicator, as they entered the lounge and crossed to one. She took both glasses that appeared and handed one to him.

“There you are.”

"Thanks." He said with a smile and made his way to a table. Willie pulled the chair out for her to sit. "How long have you been on the team?"

“Not very long,” she explained. “Couple months, its been great though. Kind of has that feel of my first unit... small, tight-knit.”

"Any major ops the team has going on so far?" Willie transitioned from flirting to business.

“Routine,” She said. “I’m rotating into overnight duty tomorrow. I suppose you’ll get your duty assignments once you’re all settled in. Midnights on the weekends,” she teased.

The tea was a bit bland for his tastes but it is what it is. "Yeah, I look forward to getting going and seeing how this differs from my last post."

"Well hopefully it'll be exciting for you," she said. "I love the mission set so far," she took a sip of her drink now. Then she motioned him over to one of the tables.

As they made their way over to a table and sat down Willie had a million questions but was trying to pick the most strategic to ask. "So any missions you have been sent on you want to spill about?"

"They've all been pretty routine, really," she said. "Though with the area we operate in I can't imagine it will always be that way."

"I want to apologize again for running you over. Not the first impression I wanted to make." Willie knew he would be saying sorry for a long time for that. "And also thank you for the tea and the chat." He said with his signature grin

"It's alright," Ava said. "It's a hazard when you're fun sized. There are definitely nicer places to chat and drink but not when on duty, I'm afraid."

"Well maybe you will have to show me around some time when your off duty." Willie turned the charm back on.

"Sure, why not?" she said, with a shrug.

"Well since I am new to the base you wanna keep me company for dinner maybe show me where to find some decent food and drink." Willie figured he had to try.

"Works for me, what time you think you'll be ready?" she asked.

"Whenever you're off I got nothing going on till shift tomorrow." He replied.

"That's a little early how about you meet me at my quarters at 19:00, I'll send you a message with the location," she suggested.

Willie was trying to keep this casual to start as they would be working together but this had the feel of a serious date. "1900 it is.." He said as he tried to hold but some excitement.

"It's a date," she said, though not in the same meaning as him.


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