Law Enforcement Team 72
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Checking in

Posted on 08 Jan 2019 @ 11:34am by Petty Officer Second Class William Jackson & Senior Chief Petty Officer Jennifer Anderson

Mission: Justice
Location: CPO Anderson's Office
Timeline: 3 MAY 2389, 15:00

Willie had started to unpack some things. He was surprised how big his room was being enlisted and all. Must be a team perk. He looked around and decided now was as good a time as any to go meet the Ops Chief. His first shift wasn't officially till tomorrow but might as well get the meet and greet out of the way.

As he made his way to the office he fiddled with his uniform a bit. It was kinda tight on his arms, he must have hot arms day to hard this week. He was feeling pretty swole. As he walked through the door he saw the front desk crewman from earlier and he nodded a greeting as he headed for the Ops Chief's office. Once there he hit the door chime.

"Enter." A female voice came from inside, and the door opened.

Jennifer was currently working on some paddwork, and was filing some reports. The new CO wasn't due in for a day or so and she was busy getting things ready for them. There was some reports going on, but nothing that needed their attention at this point. She smiled when she saw the new enlisted man enter.

"Ah, you must be one of the new members. Pleased to meet you, I'm CPO Jennifer Anderson." She returned the salute - not that she didn't mind it, but it would be awkward to deal with in the field sometimes.

Willie came in and saw his new boss and snapped to attention. Pleased that she saluted back.

"At ease."

"Thank you, Maam." He replied as he moved his legs to shoulders width and let his posture slouch some, but not terrible much. "I William Jackson and am part of a crew transfer from DS6. My PADD here says I am assigned as a Master-at Arms." He introduced himself as he handed over his official orders.

Jennifer nodded, looking over the PADD. "Glad to see your assigned to us. We've been at odds since the team shuffle, and we're typically pretty busy, so I'd take advantage of this down time to get set up. Have you been to your assigned quarters and office yet?"

"Quarters yes. Much nicer then my last post for sure. Office I believe is pretty much right out the door I was going to check it out after our meeting." Willie replied to the inquiry. "Permission to ask a couple questions?" He remained semi-formal till he got a feel for things.

"Feel free." Jennifer nodded. It was only a good idea to ask.

"Well I get that we are a Task Force based team but are we running security for the base as well?" Willie wasn't sure if maybe there was any other team or a branch of their team that handled that.

"Generally, no. I don't think you should need to worry about that unless a disaster happens and they need to call us in to man the numbers." Jennifer considered. "All things being equal, we'll probably be out and about quite often."

"Oh I wasn't worried, maam just curious I come from a long stint as base security, albeit not such a gorgeous base. This place is pretty amazing." Willie said thinking about the planet. "Anything else for me, Maam?"

"It is, and the terraforming is still ongoing from what I understand. At this time, no. If you have any questions, feel free to ask." Jennifer nods.

"No, Ma'am I look forward to getting to work." Willie said as he made a turn and left the office.


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