Law Enforcement Team 72
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New Beginings

Posted on 02 Jan 2019 @ 10:09pm by Petty Officer Second Class William Jackson

Mission: Justice
Location: SB 302
Timeline: 3 MAY 2389, 13:00

It had been a longer ride then he would have liked from DS6 to SB 302. Willie knew he should have waited to hitch a ride on one of those new slipstream birds, but they where still few and far between. And a Petty Officer had little sway in getting the express trip. He learned on the ride that he was part of a crew rotation between the two starbases. Willie was ok with this because his new post had him doing more then base security he was on a taskforce team. They would have a much larger AO and with a larger AO opened up more chance to stretch his legs.

As his shuttle made his way to its way through the atmosphere Willie made sure he had all of his carry-on bags in order. He felt the ship land and he stood and got in line to make his way off. Everyone started to make there way, excited to get out of the sardine can and out into the expanse of the base. Willie likened it to a someone in the city getting out to the country and enjoying the expansiveness.

Once he had checked in with the station's quartermaster he had been told where his quarters would be and that his property would be delivered within the hour. All pretty standard for being stationed on a base. As Willie made his way out into the heart of the station he did it slowly and took it all in. This was not his first time on a station hell he had just spent many years stuck on DS6 but it had different smells, colors, and most of all new people. He knew no one and no one knew him. With a grin on his face he started to just go for a stroll. Watching how people interacted with each other and tried to get a vibe of how this station ran.

His stroll found him standing in front of his new post the LET72 office on deck 10. He thought about continuing on his stroll but instead he decided now was a good time to see what he was working with. The door opened and Willie walked into the lobby and saw the front desk. He saw the waiting room and was really impressed with the size of things inside. Much nicer then just your run of the mill security office. He made his way over to the person behind the desk "Greetings I am Petty Officer William Jackson. I am assigned here and just arrived." Willie said with a grin.

The person behind the desk gave Willie a once over then looked down at her console to look for him on the roster. After a few minutes of looking, "There you are. Welcome to the team you are assigned Cubicle 3." They said pointing to the line of cubicles. "The CO is scheduled to arrive tomorrow but the XO is in his office."

"Great I think I am going to find my quarters and then come back and check in with the XO. I appreciate the info." He said with a smile as he turned and headed back out of the office and went to find his quarters.


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