Law Enforcement Team 72
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The Lady in Black

Posted on 24 Jan 2019 @ 12:21am by Lieutenant Heather Kowal & Warrant Officer 1 Jessica Haverton

Mission: Justice
Location: Headquarters, INV1 Haverton's Office
Timeline: 4 MAY 2389, 13:08

The tour that the executive officer had led her on completed in the operations center. Midway through introducing herself to the on-duty staff in the surprisingly quiet operations center, the XO excused himself and left her to her own devices. After finally getting away from the curious watchstanders and being nosy over what each console did or could do or which one she might call her own she walked out of operations. She looked both ways when she came out of the doors and nodded at the MA2 that was manning the security desk that controlled access to ops and then to the right at the door of the Investigations and Intelligence Section Leader.

"Ms. Haverton!" Heather called, at the woman she saw walking through the door of her office. She had not been present when she had entered operations with the executive officer.

Hearing her name being called, Jessica stopped in her tracks and looked over her shoulder to see who was talking to her. Having already gone over personnel files, she recognized Heather and turned to greet her. "Finally turned loose from your tour of the base, ma'am?"

"I have been," Heather nodded. "You weren't in your office when we came past before so I'm glad I caught you. Mind if I follow you in?"

"Not at all, but it's a bit cluttered at the moment. Someone came through and dumped a pile of PaDDs on my desk, like they don't realize they can just upload things in the computer system and tag them for me." Fortunately, Jess had managed to keep the PaDDs contained to the desk as she sorted through them, but she hated the mess all the same.

"I can't imagine what my inbox is going to look like by tomorrow," she laughed. "How long have you been with the team?"

"Not terribly long, in the scheme of things. Long enough to figure things out but I'm not a veteran of any of this by any means." Jess was honest and straightforward, even if it might highlight some of her flaws. She didn't see any point in hyping herself up to be "larger than life" like so many others in Starfleet did.

"Is there anything you think of that I should know? Ideas for your section or the whole team?" Heather asked.

"The team seems to function well, but communication between sections isn't always the best. I'm as guilty of it as anyone else on occasion, but things get missed or go unmentioned in briefings because one section assumes everyone else has the same information." That, however, was a common enough problem throughout Starfleet. Jess, therefore, wasn't telling Heather anything the other woman didn't already know. "Specific team things though... I haven't noticed anything in particular that needs to be addressed. Other than the one computer terminal in Ops that won't let anyone in my section log in. Other sections say it's working fine, so I suppose it just doesn't like us."

"Maybe it's afraid your spying on it?" Heather mused.

"That may or may not be a valid fear." Jess grinned a bit at the idea of the computer being afraid of being spied upon. "Or perhaps it's afraid I'm making it spy on other people."

"We can have someone check it for morals," Heather laughed. "Anything else I can help you with?" she asked.

"No, ma'am, not at the moment. But I'll let you know if anything comes up." Jess was still grinning at the jokes about the computer terminal having feelings and morals. The idea was absurd, of course, but it had been a great ice breaker. "Have a good day, ma'am."

"You too," Heather said, turning to leave.


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