Law Enforcement Team 72
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The Grand Tour

Posted on 24 Jan 2019 @ 12:15am by Chief Warrant Officer 2 Dorian Antonis & Lieutenant Heather Kowal & Senior Chief Petty Officer Jennifer Anderson & Petty Officer First Class Rick Prynn

Mission: Justice
Location: Starbase 310, Transporter Room 4
Timeline: 4 MAY 2389, 1202

The USS Valiant had just docked at Starbase 310 and it was time for the new Commanding Officer to see Headquarters for the first time. She had planned on meeting with the Executive Officer when she arrived and then worrying about her quarters and the like after officially taking command though she'd been running some aspects of the unit while on the way there.

"I'm starved," Heather said to her companion, HS1 Prynn.

"I could eat, Ell tee." he said.

The two had come from the same previous unit and she was happy to have a familiar face at the unit with her. She rounded a bend a small duffle of things she wanted immediately over her shoulder and her gear with Prynn's waiting to be sent to quarters in a holding area at the transporter room.

"Mr. Antonis?" Heather said, as she rounded a corner toward the door to the passageway and saw the familiar face.

"Lieutenant, Petty Officer" Dorian said as he came to a stop before his new commanding officer, "Welcome to Starbase 310. If you are ready, I will show you to headquarters."

"That would be wonderful, hopefully, some lunch afterward, " she said, extending her hand to the XO.

Dorian took her hand and gave it a quick shake before letting go, "Right this way then." He turned and took up a spot beside his new CO and lead the way with quick directions down hallways and to the best lifts to get them around. It took a good ten minutes to navigate their way, but finally they arrived.

"Your newest command," Dorian said as he opened the door.

"Here we are," Heather said, as she walked through and looked around. It was an office. It was not what she had pictured for her first command but like it or not it was hers and she knew with the potential for the missions they would be doing and already were doing would keep her attention. But suddenly she was worried her life would be spent in this office and not on a runabout conducting operations with her team members.

"Can you spare time for a grand tour?" Heather asked.

Rick kinda nodded

"Yes ma'am," Dorian replied as they started from the sitting area to a row between some wall offices and cubicles. "This Office," He said as he pointed through the door, "belongs to you Petty Officer Prynn. Please feel free to get settled in when you are ready."

"Thank you, sir" Rick said. He nodded to the group and went on in.

"Next up would be our Chief Operations office," Dorian said as he pointed out the next door and even tapped the chime to signal that they were there.

"Enter!" Came the voice from inside. When she saw who was waiting, she stood to attention, saluting. Apparently, she had been busy at PADDwork and other routine reports "Lieutenant Kowal, I presume? I'm MAC Jennifer Anderson, Operations Chief. It's a pleasure to meet you, ma'am."

"Pleasure to meet you too Chief, at ease, please," she said, sounding almost embarrassed. "I'm sorry I didn't reach out to you on my way out but I plan on meeting with you for a while this evening if you're free?" She reached out to shake the other woman's hand.

"No problem, ma'am." Jennifer returned the handshake. "I'm just processing routine reports - our task load is light with the reassignment going around, so I will be free this evening."

"It's odd with the unit being only a year old there'd be so much shuffling," she said, with a shrug. "Anyway, the XO is going to take me on a tour maybe the three of us should meet up after I get settled some?"

"That would work out well, ma'am." Jennifer nods. "I can explain why there's some of the shuffling, but the machinations of the upper brass is often beyond me, I'm afraid."

"I looked for a class in the academy but it must be a post-grad thing," Heather joked.

"This way ma'am," Dorian said as he motioned out the door and down toward his office.

They progressed along and Dorian opened his office and showed it to the CO. However, it was still fairly empty. He just never had gotten around to decorating. They continued to move forward. They arrived at the CO's office and he tapped out the command, but it seemed to have locked us out. "Well, it seems they have locked me out. You might try your command code."

She went to the door and keyed it in and sure enough the doors parted, "I guess the station is smarter than the rest of us," she grinned. She stepped inside and surveyed the room, "the table and chairs is a nice touch," she thought. "Much bigger than my old office on the Valiant."

"I would hope so," Dorian replied with a smile upon his face. He gave it some time and then cleared his throat, "If you are ready. I can show you the remaining parts of the office."

"Yes, please... I imagine there must be some sort of operational center?" she asked.

"Yes Ma'am," Dorian nodded as he took off, "please, follow me." Dorian took them down the hallway past the public relations office and the restrooms. They entered a secured area with another set of cubicles. "Investigations and intel," He said pointing to the desk and their receptionist down the way a little. However, He didn't stop there he kept going down a little further to a second receptionist sitting along the right wall. They came to a stop at that desk, "Yeoman, our new commanding officer."

"Ma'am," the Yeoman said, rising to his feet.

"Nice to meet you, please carry on," Heather said, motioning toward the doors to ops. "That must be the operations center?" she asked.

"Yes ma'am. Also across the way over there is the conference room and the Investigator's office." He said as he pointed toward each door. He moved toward the operations door and they opened revealing the ops center with the center console active and tracking real time events.

The nearest watchstander looked toward the door and paused for a second, not sure what to do, who was that with the XO? Was that the new commanding officer? The MA3 who was one of those currently monitoring the operations of the LET and some other units as well didn't want to look stupid for calling the room to attention for the new CO who wasn't the new CO.

"Attention on Deck!" Dorian called out after sensing the confusion that was happening.

"Don't worry about it, carry on, please," Heather said, as she entered the operations center. The MA3 looked embarrassed so she just nodded at him and walked by.

"Hello everyone, I'm the new CO, Lieutenant Kowal. We will have a full team meeting within the next few days but for now we will carry on with all standing orders and policies. Please speak with your section leaders if you have any questions," Heather announced. She turned to the XO to see what he wanted to show her within the operations center.

Dorian motioned for them to step up to the center console with the holographic projector in the middle. "When we do flight operations, I use this station to monitor and coordinate activities. Using the sensors from our ships, I can re-create the environment our ships are flying in. From there I can track fugitives and provide possible departure trajectories they will take." To show an example Dorian pulled up a current flight operation. It was a standard patrol but showed details and ship trajectories.

“I see,” Heather said, looking at the screen. “What is that crew doing?” She asked, pointing to a random Arrow Class runabout.

"Looks like a standard patrol," Dorian replied after taking a quick glance.

"I see," Heather said, looking around at the busy operations center. "I would like to get a chance to look at the various stations. How about I give you a shout when I head back to my office and you and chief can meet me?" she suggested.

"Very well," he said as he back up a few steps, turned, and left the room. He left a note with the Yeoman to contact them when the CO started back to her office.


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