Law Enforcement Team 72
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Coming Soon: A New CO

Posted on 19 Dec 2018 @ 5:58pm by Lieutenant Heather Kowal & Chief Warrant Officer 2 Dorian Antonis

Mission: Justice
Location: Subspace Communication
Timeline: 1 MAY 2389, 16:02

"Mr. Antonis there is a communication for you from Lieutenant Kowal," the Yeoman said, standing at the door to the XO's office from the main room in the LET's office on Starbase 310. "Would you like me to put it through, sir?"

"Kowal," Dorian said thinking aloud, "isn't that the new CO? Put them on through."

"Right away sir," the Yeoman said, before stepping out. A moment later the screen showed a logo of LET72 and was holding for him to answer.

"Lieutenant Kowal, pleasure," Dorian said in greeting to his new CO.

"Mr. Antonis it's nice to speak with you, I'm Heather Kowal."

"Pleased to formally meet you. How may I be of assistance today?"

"I just received my orders and spoke with Admiral O'Connell and thought I would reach out to you. It's my understanding that the previous CO has already departed I wanted to begin working with you as soon as I can," Heather said, eagerly.

"Yes, I seem to remember a notice about a change of commands passing over my desk. Though, at the rate, we do business around here, its hard to keep up." Dorian said with a slight chuckle as he motioned toward his none visible desk.

"So the brunt of the paperwork falls to you?" she asked.

"As a former Legalman, I guess the administrative work kinds of follows me on to my commission. However, it isn't a bad thing. I enjoy the various reports and seeing people go behind bars," Dorian said as he glanced a their report regarding their effectiveness.

"Well, the administration is something that I'm not strong with nor that acquainted. I was always in a more operational role. I'm glad that I will have someone experienced to guide me," she said, though really thinking to do it for her.

"You will learn soon enough. The law is 3/10ths paperwork, if not more these days. Statements, mission logs, records, holophotos, etc." Dorian replied, "so we will get you trained up."

“I mean, this isn’t my first rodeo completely. I’ve been a department head and second officer of a ship since I graduated the academy.”

"Aya Ma'am. I am sure you will do fine." He said just nodding and backing away from the topic. He had been around long enough to know that everyone is surprised with the level of paperwork this department deals with.

"Is there anything on our to-do list that can be dealt with remotely while I'm on my way there?" she asked.

"A few staffing issues might be helpful if you pressured Command a little," He said as she shuffled through his PaDDs to find the right one, "ah yes, a Support Section Lead and maybe even an Operations."

"We don't have an operations section chief?" she asked, sounding surprised.

"Staff shuffling," he said with shrug of his shoulders as he skipped on past that discussion.

"Well for the support section I have a solution. There's an HS1 who is coming with me from my last assignment that I know the CMO had nothing but good things to say. From what I see of our organizational structure he should be good to go in that role as well as his Corpsman role. Check out his profile and let me know if you have any objections," she said.

"If he is good for you boss, then he is good for me. I will pull his service jacket just for a cursory glance."

"Are there any operations in progress that I should know about?" she asked. She assumed that there had to be at least one crew out on patrols.

"Nothing that you should worry about. We are operating under general status here. Nothing outside of the normal." Dorian replied as he even sighed a little. He hated when it was a slow day at the office. Though he did have a few cases to wrap up with the station medical examiner.

"If you'd send me a list of active operations, I would appreciate it," she told him. "They are my responsibility now I would like to know what is going on. Other than that we will be arriving to the base the afternoon of the fourth," she explained.

"Aye aye, ma'am," he replied as he hit the few commands to transfer the files over. "Files have been sent and we look forward to your arrival."

"See you in a few days, Mr. Antonis."


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