Law Enforcement Team 72

Freedom's Legion

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Status Current Mission
Description Posts related to the ongoing Freedom's Legion story arc.
Start Date 18 Dec 2018 @ 12:24pm

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Title Timeline Location
by Lieutenant Heather Kowal & Chief Warrant Officer 2 Dorian Antonis
18 MAY 2389 Operations Center
Captain Harper
by Lieutenant Heather Kowal
19 MAY 2389 Starbase 72
Freedom's Legion
by Lieutenant Heather Kowal & Admiral Zachary O'Connell & Commodore Gareth Tau
19 MAY 2389 Starbase 72
Trouble Beyond Borders
by Commodore Gareth Tau & Civilian Cetus Lapetus
18 May 2389 Project Long Jump Gala, SS Hermes

Mission Summary