Law Enforcement Team 72

Departments & Positions

  • Command Team (Primary Manifest)

    The Command Team is responsible for the day-to-day command, operations, and administration of the entire LET.

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  • Operations Section (Primary Manifest)

    The Operations Section of the LET is much different than the average operations department of a Starfleet unit. The Ops Section is responsible for all Law Enforcement Operations as well as the operation of the assigned craft to the team and is made up of Master-at-Arms, Gunnersmates, and Boatswainsmates.

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  • Engineering Section (Primary Manifest)

    The Engineering Section is responsible for the maintenance of all assigned craft to the unit. The Engineering Section members also attach to boarding teams for engineering support while on a mission.

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  • Support Section (Primary Manifest)

    The Support Section is made up of personnel who directly support the unit but in non-operational or engineering functions. These personnel report to the Command Team based on assigned duties.

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  • Starbase 310 Personnel (Primary Manifest)

    Crew members of Starbase 310 that regularly interface with members of the LET72 crew.

  • Related Civilians (Primary Manifest)

    Civilians that have relationships with members of LET72 that live at Starbase 310.

  • Fourth Fleet Personnel (Primary Manifest)

    Personnel within the Fourth Fleet and Task Force 72 chain of command.

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  • Mission Specific Characters (Primary Manifest)

    These characters are mission specific only.

  • Miscellaneous (Primary Manifest)

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