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Petty Officer Second Class Addison Granger

Name Addison T'Lara Granger

Position Cryptology Specialist (CT)

Rank Petty Officer Second Class

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Vulcan
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 140#
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Addison is quite tall, taking after her mother in that aspect. Her dark hair is quite long and when not on duty, hangs down to the small of her back, when on duty, she has it braided and wound around the back of her head and out of the way. She is always seen with a book or Data PaDD in her hand. Growing up, she was often described as being a bookworm. She has a knack for languages and is able to pick up a language quickly after only hearing several phrases.


Spouse Single
Children None at this time, however would like to have children in the future.
Father Matthew Granger
Mother V'Lan Granger
Brother(s) Markus V'Lelk Granger (20 years old)
Sister(s) Sarah Va Amster(29 years old)
Elisamarie Mosol Granger (28 years old)
Maya Ossek Granger (27 years old)
Other Family Paternal Grandparents= John and Merideth Granger (live in Mesa, Arizona)
Maternal Grandparents= T'Lin and Tepek (Live on Vulcan in Shikahr)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Addison has embraced both sides of her family, she completed the Kolinhar at the age of 17 in order to have better control of her human emotions. Upon returning from the temple, Addison finished her schooling on Vulcan and made the decision to join Star Fleet, and she wanted to follow in some of her father's footsteps and she found cryptology was a great way for her to exercise her mind and keep her mind sharp. Her ability to discern languages quickly and learn how they work and speak them. Addison is often quiet and has her head buried in a book or listening to language files.
Ambitions Unlike most Vulcans, Addison does not have any real ambitions. She wants to do her best to break the codes that come in and learn new langauges. She eventually wants to marry and have a family, however that is not in her sights at this point.
Hobbies & Interests Addison enjoys playing traditional musical instruments as well as the piano. She also spends a great deal of her time learning new languages and working out various cryptological puzzles. Addison is also an excellent cook, both of Vulcan and Human fare.

Personal History Addison was born in ShirKar Vulcan to Matthew and V'Lan Granger in 2363. Matthew was a security officer on Vulcan and V'Lan was a diplomat. At the age of 5, her maternal grandparents gave her a pet Shelat for her birthday. While attending The Vulcan Learning Center, she was taunted by several of the other students and learned quickly that she needed to defend herself. She did get in trouble twice for fighting, and it was determined at that time that when she was old enough, she was attempt the Kohlinar to help repress the anger that she often displayed.

Just before finishing the Vulcan Learning Center, her parents were transferred to Starbase 310. Addison completed her education aboard the Starbase using the holodeck and her mother's teaching. At the age of 16, Addison returned to ShirKar and attended the ShirKar Academy and studied Cryptology, following in her Father's footsteps of security. While at the Academy, Addison underwent the Kohlinar and successfully completed the ritual. While she has complete control of her emotions, she does have occasional outbursts, mostly overly excited outbursts.

After completing the ShirKar Academy, she joined StarFleet Security and returned to Starbase 310. She began her Star Fleet career at the age of 19 as a security officer and working in cryptology. At the age of 26, she joined LET 72 as one of their cryptology specialist.
Service Record 2382- Joined Star Fleet as a security officer
2389- Joined LET 72 as a cryptologist.