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Petty Officer First Class Aimee Teagarten

Name Aimee Mae Teagarten

Position Yeoman (YN)

Rank Petty Officer First Class

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4''
Weight 120
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown


Father Kwon Li Teagarten
Mother Maemi Rose Teagarten

Personality & Traits

General Overview Stubbornness is something that she was born with. She is persistent in everything she does whether at work or doing something for fun; she won’t give up without a fight. She is not easily intimidated and she isn’t afraid to fight for what she wants. She struggles with knowing when to stop and ask for help because she sees that as a weakness.

She often tries to do everything on her own because she doesn’t want to be a bother to anyone and wants to prove to others especially those she does not know well, that she is more than capable of doing what is asked of her.

She has a quick temper and often speaks her mind without thinking because she is not shy about sharing her opinions. She prefers to work quietly and quickly. She is good at catching small details and is very thorough, however, she struggles to see the bigger picture sometimes because she gets wrapped up In the mundane minutiae of the everyday details.

She is quite the perfectionist, she’d restart things five times until she finished them exactly the way she wanted them to be. She has difficulty letting things go and often holds grudges with those that have offended her, hurt her or her friends. She hates being wrong and only admits when she is wrong begrudgingly.
Ambitions Her goal was to be an executive assistant, and now that she’s gone as far as she can go in that area, she wants to take some time in that position before she settles down for good. She has always wanted to be a wife and mother but has yet to find the right person to share that dream with.
Hobbies & Interests Aimee spends a lot of time reading about the histories of other planets. She likes listening to music from other planets, too. She also is a very good artist and loves to draw--she can often be found with a sketch pad and pencil when she needs a break from her work

Personal History Aimee was born in Philadelphia on February 23, 2356, to Kwon Li and Maemi Rose. Kwon owned a small Chinese food restaurant and Maemi Rose supported him. They both loved Aimee and, being proud of their ancestors and culture, made sure Aimee was raised with all of that too. Aimee spent her days after school helping her parents with the restaurant, learning how to cook Asian dishes quickly and also how to manage a small business. Both of her parents were diligent and hard working and instilled the same kind of work ethic in Aimee.

Throughout her education, Aimee was encouraged to focus mostly on math and science, the two areas she struggled the most in. She loved literature and especially art class, and often came home with beautiful drawings or hand-made crafts. She loved painting best, and her mom gave her a little paint set to start with. Still, she knew that going into the arts at university would not be the most practical job. She went to a Chinese school on Saturdays to learn more about her culture and learn how to read and write Chinese.

In high school, Aimee joined the debate team, the color guard, and became class secretary for both her junior and senior years. It was in her senior year that a recruiter for Starfleet had come to the high school to talk to the students there. Aimee wanted to go to Starfleet Academy at the end of her senior year, but her parents wanted her to have more responsibility in the restaurant, which was supposed to be hers someday.

Aimee did as she was told and went to university after high school. She worked at the restaurant and helped her parents and took classes and joined clubs. In her sophomore year, she had a seat on the Student Government Association, and when elections were run in both her junior and senior years, she secured enough votes to be secretary for both years. She liked that role, taking notes, making records of events, and other related tasks. It was in these two years that she honed her clerical skills, along with her classwork. She even updated her parent’s restaurant menu, as well.

After university, despite her parents wanting her to stay home, in 2379 she enlisted and went to Basic Enlisted Training where she was appointed crewman recruit. When she graduated Basic Enlisted Training, she was promoted to Crewman Apprentice. She got her start on Starbase 107 as a Non-Rate and then later a Crewman. In the Summer of 2380, she went to Yeoman “A”-School and graduated with honors in February 2381. She then served for three years on the USS Baltimore, she wrote home parents often and started to get an understanding of her duties and threw herself into her work on the ship. She was promoted to Petty Officer Second class towards the end of her service on that ship.

In 2384, she was assigned to Task Force 39 as the Task Force Commander’s Aide. Aimee became skilled at knowing what the Commander would need and when so she could anticipate his needs quickly. She kept things organized, was able to write effective communications to disperse to the other crew members, and kept the mission log orderly as well. The commander was very pleased with her work, and after two years he promoted her to Petty Officer First Class.

It was soon after this that her mother’s health began to wane. Wanting to be near her parents she requested to attend NCO Leadership Development School and went home on the weekends to help her dad take care of her mom and the restaurant. Shortly before the school session ended, however, her mother passed away after suffering a stroke. As much as Aimee loved her father, she was relieved when she was assigned to Starbase 310 as Command Yeoman, needing to get away from home again.

On Starbase 310, Aimee threw herself into work. What was once a pile of papers and unorganized files, she structured into a system that was orderly and efficient. She made sure files were labeled and sent to the right personnel and that her communications and briefings were short and to the point. When Law Enforcement Team 72 was created and stationed at Starbase 310 she was transferred to the new unit. Later, when LT Kowal arrived and assumed command she was assigned to be her executive assistant.
Service Record FEB 2379 – AUG 2379
FEB – Enlisted Starfleet – Basic Enlisted Training, Appointed Crewman Recruit
AUG– Graduation from Basic Enlisted Training, Promoted Crewman Apprentice

JUL 2379 – JUN 2380 Starbase 107, Non-Rate (YN/SK Divisions)
FEB 2389 – Promoted to Crewman

JUL 2380 - FEB 2381 – Yeoman “A”-School
FEB 2381 – Graduated with Honors, Promoted to Petty Officer Third Class

MAR 2381 - JUN 2384 – USS Baltimore, Yeoman
JUN 2382 – Promoted to Petty Officer Second Class, Assigned Command Yeoman

JUN 2384 - JUN 2387 – Task Force Commander’s Aide, Task Force 39, Third Fleet
JUN 2386 – Promotion to Petty Officer First Class

JUL 2386 - NOV 2386 – NCO Leadership Development School

DEC 2386 - JUL 2388 – Starbase 310, Command Yeoman

JUL 2388 - Current – Law Enforcement Team 72, Yeoman (Command Executive Assistant)