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Petty Officer Second Class William Jackson

Name William Bradley Jackson

Position Master-at-Arms (MA)

Rank Petty Officer Second Class

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 203
Hair Color Bald/Black
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Willie is a fairly typical brute. He is built to lift things or people. He takes pride in this and works very hard to keep himself in peak physical shape. He claims his ancestry traces back to the long blackbeards of the Ol' Norse people of Iceland. Due to the fact that he still practicing Odinist he is allowed to grow out his beard which is both full and very black.


Father Ronald Jackso
Mother Isabelle Jackson

Personality & Traits

General Overview Willie is a very driven man. He was a man that sets lofty goals and then went at them with a vigor to succeed and he usually did. He is a people person and found it very easy to work his way into what ever culture and environment he found himself in. He is a dreamer. He believes that the old gods gave him the strength and wisdom to go out into the stars and vanquish Evil.
Ambitions To build a legacy and fight the good fight. He is very loyal to the team and seeing justice done for those that are weaker then him.
Hobbies & Interests Avid fitness nut. When he isn't in the gym making gains he is dabbles in wood carvings and blacksmithing. He finds great joy in making things out of his hands and then using them.

Personal History On October 21, 2364 on a small farm in the mountains of West Virginia, William Bradley Jackson was born to Ronald and Isabelle Jackson . They operated a small farm and Ronald was the Mayor of Morresville, West Virginia. Willie ,as he was quickly known as, grew up a very simple, loving, country life. He learned important values from his family including hard work, dedication, and how to be a leader.

In his teen years Willie dreamed of leaving the farm. Not that he hated it. He just wanted to explore and see what all the world had for him. He did very well in school and also was his class president all 4 years in High School. At the age of 16 Willie took a class field trip to Basic Training Base Quantico and realized that enlisting may give him a chance to explore the world even the universe.

In 2382 Willie Jackson arrived at boot camp in Quantico, Virginia. He immediately excelled in his ability to be a grunt. He loved it, this was his fit. Two years later when he finished his basic and "A" school he earned the rank of Petty Officer Third Class and was task to attend a two year Star Fleet Intelligence school. He was a natural leader and loved his career path.

2386 saw Willie graduate from his SFI school and get his first post as a Security office on DS6. This was a very busy port base and saw him really hone his skills that he had learned in his years of training. He made many mistakes but he was glad to actually be out there putting his studies to practical use.

2389 found Willie moving up the ranks with in the Station's security ranks. He had gotten very high marks from his supervisors on his last few reviews and in March was promoted to Petty Officer 2nd class. This was a proud day and his family made the long trek to see his promotion. With the promotion Willie was able to put in for a transfer which he did. He had heard about some up and coming specialized law enforcement units through out the fleet and he really wanted in on the ground floor.

Much to his amazement his transfer went through and he was being reassigned to Law Enforcement Team 72 as Master-at-Arms.
Service Record 2382- Boot camp, Quantico, VA, Earth, Crewman
2383- Master-at-Arms "A"-School, PO3
2384- SFI infiltration school, PO3
2386- Security Officer, DS6, PO3
2389- LET72 Master-at-Arms. PO2