Law Enforcement Team 72

Sim Closing

Posted on 01 May 2019 @ 11:36am by Lieutenant Heather Kowal

Crew of Law Enforcement Team 72,

Due to ongoing political issues within Bravo Fleet and the obvious decision by the Admiralty to not follow the wishes of its memberships or protect the ability for the individual sim to maintain its own canon I have decided to leave the fleet. As LET72 has been struggling as of late I will be terminating the sim and would like to invite anyone interested to transfer their character to the USS Pioneer a Pathfinder Class Science Vessel that will be leaving Bravo Fleet for the newly created 22nd Fleet where the members will be represented directly by their Commanding Officers to the leadership which will be voted on by the game masters anually. For more information head over to the Pioneer’s Website: and the 22nd Fleet’s website:

If you wish to transfer your character please contact me directly via Discord.




LT Heather Kowal, CO



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