Law Enforcement Team 72
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Task Force Participation Award

Posted on 03 Apr 2019 @ 4:40am by Lieutenant Heather Kowal

It is with great pride that I announce that Law Enforcement Team 72 has been awarded a Task Force Participation award from our Task Force Commanding Officer, ADM O'Connell. The following is the excerpt regarding the award for LET72 and an individual award for the CO, LT Heather Kowal.

"Law Enforcement Team 72 is a unique simulation, poised to access multiple Task Force Storylines. Its first focus as a character-driven simulation hasn’t stopped the team from interfacing with both the Alrakis Pact and Freedom’s Legion arcs. This medal is awarded to its GM, Stephen, on behalf of the entire sim."

"I wish to do something unusual. This medal is typically awarded to sims in a Task Force. However, due to extraordinary circumstances, I am electing to bestow this award on seven individuals, Aio, Wizardbeard, Stephen, Temple, Teix, BlackWolf, and Beeman, for their involvement in the “Negotiations” miniseries hosted between Palais de la Concorde and Starbase 72. This grand experiment was a rousing success, ensuring that the Federation would not lose access to a cornerstone area of 72’s Area of Operations, the Inconnu Expanse. Well, at least for now. Only time will truly tell."

For more information and for the full award including other sims within Task Force 72 please click here.

Member profiles will be updated shortly to reflect membership of the sim during the time the award was given.

-Stephen (LT Kowal, CO)


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