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New Mission Titles

Posted on 24 Feb 2019 @ 10:55am by Lieutenant Heather Kowal

Due to the nature of the LET not necessarily following a mission and the heavy character development being our main purpose I've changed up the mission titles. A mission should now be selected in order to group them in the various post types more than a specific mission. The list is below:

• Justice – All regular duty related mission posts will be placed here unless there is a more specific mission arc. This is the default post type and so this should be pretty easy to remember.

• Life Itself – All non-duty related posts will be placed here unless it applies specifically to a mission arc. The best example we have of this would be the night out that Willie and Ava had together.

• Freedom's Legion – Any mission post involving the Freedom's Legion story arc as it relates directly to Task Force and Fleet Canon will be kept in on group together. Please be sure that any duty or non-duty related posts that focus on this mission arc are placed here.

• From the Past – Anything that occurred to your character that happened prior to their assignment to LET72 that you'd like to share please post in this mission arc.

• Beyond LET72 – This is a new mission that will allow you to write about your character beyond their time at LET72 providing it takes place after 2395 (want to put a big cushion in there so most of the crew if not all would be on to other assignments by then).

All existing posts have been moved to their correct place please be sure to update any ongoing posts.


LT Kowal (Stephen)


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