Law Enforcement Team 72


General Rules
1) All members of this sim must be 18 years of age or older.
2) All members must follow guidelines in reference to posting content.
3) All members are subject to the Bravo Fleet Constitution and Bylaws.
4) At the time of resignation, characters will be retained on the sim as NPCs until such time it is convenient IC for them to be removed.
5) The Command Team has final say on all matters regarding this sim.

Activity Requirements
All members are asked to respond to joint posts within seventy-two hours in order to keep the writing in movement. If you are unable to respond within the time limit please inform your writing partners or post a note in our Discord. Our goal is to make at least two public posts per member. LOA should be declared via Nova for any LOAs lasting seven days or more and an Extended LOA for anything lasting fourteen days or more.